Tuesday, March 31, 2009

What vision needs to be ...

Vision is not very helpful when it is totally impractical ... nor is it of great interest or value when it is pedestrian and reflects no stretch.

The Obama administration has vision ... and President Obama is doing an excellent job of balancing his vision for the United States and the World between what is worth something, and what is possible.

While there is idealism ... there is little ideology.

How does Tr-Ac-Net fit in?

Tr-Ac-Net has been a critic of an economic system that was reporting profit on top of value destruction for several decades, and a system of law and accounting that was making this easier and easier to do. It was not sustainable ... it was a Ponzi like scheme that would implode in due time ... and of course it did.

Tr-Ac-Net failed, like almost everyone else, to make an impression on leadership, so that the implosion took place, and our efforts were ineffectual. We failed ... but we have learned something. What is very apparent is that there is the need for an upgrades system of socio-economic and financial metrics ... and this is, of course, what we have been working on for some considerable time.

This performance metrics system is now called Community Analytics (CA). The concepts are based on accountancy, but not limited to the money accounting that has proved so inadequate. These metrics suit both the social business, the for profit business and the not for profit charity.

The idea of CA is simple ... but some of the practice is more complex. CA is moving towards deployment, and in due course should give the world a better system of metrics.

Peter Burgess