Monday, August 3, 2009

How society keeps score!

The sad reality is that society does not keep score ... it just loses the game ... because everyone else is keeping score, and the score-keeping and the games people play totally leave out impact on society!

The process of socio-economic progress has been played using a game that measures profit for the players ... but leaves out the impact of the game on the broader society. The fact that half the world live in abject poverty afflicted with hunger and disease is obscene ... but this outcome of the game of global profit building is not taken into account.

Decision making is focused almost exclusively on more and more and more profit ... the metrics for this are well developed. Community Analytics (CA) is an emerging alternative metric that asks what value adding has been achieved by all the socio-economic activity, as well as how much profit has been achieved. In too many instances, great profit performance is offset by value destruction resulting from the profitable corporations activities. This is not a desirable outcome ... but happens because the value dimension in not part of the financial accounts and the reporting of profit ... and the capital markets respond accordingly.

With CA, this can change! How fast depends on the CA team ... and we are optimistic.

More on this soon

Peter Burgess
Tr-Ac-Net Inc.
Transparency and Accountability Network
Community Analytics (CA)