Friday, April 4, 2008

The Vision Thing

Dear Colleagues

Tr-Ac-Net wants to be more about what it is doing than what it might possibly do in the future ... but having said that, the reality is that Tr-Ac-Net has more vision and more hopeful optimism about positive change on a global basis than most organizations.

Tr-Ac-Net can have a hopeful optimistic vision because there is science and technology that has enormous potential ... and there are several billion people that can make almost anything possible.

Though society has allowed itself to be constrained by systems and procedures, and in this constrained system, widespread poverty has been a norm ... Tr-Ac-Net does not believe that such poverty needs to be.

The Tr-Ac-Net vision is that people ... all people ... should have opportunity to progress, and that community is an organizational form that can be helpful in making opportunity possible.

While there is value in having money and being able to pay the bills ... this is not the only value in society. People have far more dimensions than just the one that embraces material goods and money. Society has multiple facets ... the more the better ... and social value is complex.

The idea of "pursuit of happiness" is a wonderful idea ... especially when it is an idea for everyone, with nobody left out.

Please stay tuned to the Tr-Ac-Net blogs as we do our modest part in trying to help improve the global society.


Peter Burgess

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